See what some boot campers have to say about Coach B and the City is Our Gym outdoor fitness program.

"I've been going to Greg's boot camp for over two years now, after a decade of failing to stick to exercise regimes. I absolutely love it. It's basically like having a personal trainer, only at a far better price, with great company and camaraderie, in beautiful settings. (I go to the 6am class, and I have now seen lots of sunrises over the city.) It is not an overstatement to say that it changed my life."

Josh B, Mission District, San Francisco

This review is long overdue. I have known Greg Bianchi affectionately referred to as "Coach B" for almost ten years. He is unusual to say the least in the fitness industry. Unusual in the sense, that he is able to engender a feeling of great community with all of the people he works with, regardless of age, or gender. He is also so much fun to be with and someone who is engaged in life and it shows up in the way he lives his own life. I met him in my 50s and I am now 65 and in the best shape ever but more than that I feel vital, relevant and able to meet and overcome challenges in my life. So those of you who are thinking about getting fit (young or old) please work with Coach B. He will change your attitude, outlook and to be sure your body. Good luck!!

Emile N.R. Mission District, San Francisco

"My wife found Coach B after trying several of the other boot camps in or around Dolores Park. (Some of them focus heavily or exclusively on running, and others seem to employ some form of TRX or an analogue.) She went 3x a week for greater than 1 year, until her job schedule made it impossible, but right before she stopped I started going 3x a week and haven't looked back in over a year.


The reasons I love Coach B's bootcamp (and fret when leaving town for vacation or holidays and have to miss class) fall into two basic categories: First, I feel great. And second, Coach B is highly skilled and runs an amazing, thoughtful class."


Benjamin P, San Francisco​

Greg is awesome.


When I first showed up at boot camp, I was fat and could barely run across the tennis courts at Dolores Park a few times. After a year and a half, I've lost a lot of weight and I'm pretty amazed at what I can do physically. Now it's no big deal to run 1-1.5 miles *to* a set of stairs to go up and down, sometimes with medicine balls, and back. Also, when I started I was unable to do 10 ring rows, now I'm able to get through sets of 20 with no problems at all.


Besides the physical benefits, the social aspect of Greg's boot camp is pretty fantastic as well. There are a bunch of fun people that show up that I've gotten to know pretty well - and that provides an extra incentive to not roll and go back to bed when the alarm goes off at 5:45.


Greg also does an amazing job of differentiating his workout instruction for people with different physical abilities. Not once when I was first starting out did I feel like I was out of place because I couldn't keep up. Furthermore, when people in the class are injured he takes extra time to give them something different to do.


I'd highly recommend Greg's class for anyone - especially for someone like me that was looking for a structured environment to get back into shape.


Andy M, Mission District, San Francisco

"I've been working out with Greg 3x/week for 3+ years. Greg does a great job of adapting the class for whoever is attending without compromising the experience for anyone. On days when I'm feeling great, he pushes me farther. On days when I'm not feeling my best, he accommodates me without letting me totally give up. I trust Greg immensely and know that his long experience as a coach benefits me during every workout."



Sheila N, Mission District, San Francisco


Greg is an outstanding personal trainer.  He provides a lot of positive feedback and positive energy and motivation while still pushing you hard in each workout.  He also knows a lot about nutrition and metabolism and how that will work in concert with workouts for overall health and fitness.  Every workout is different and tailored to where you are in your life at that moment.  And he delivers real results, follow his advice and you'll be in your skinniest skinny jeans in no time!!!

Amy S. North Beach, San Francisco


Living on the east coast I was used to going to a gym. Upon moving to SF and given the weather, I needed to find the right outdoors workout that was interesting, kept me going back and I had fun while working out. 

I like Greg as he provides a well rounded workout without making the sessions repetitious or boring. We are always being introduced to challenging new spots and exercises to keep the workouts exciting. He will push when needed and back off when necessary. If you have a specific goal, Greg makes sure your workout includes routines to achieve them and advises on how to schedule your training in-between bootcamp days.

When he schedules one, my husband and I look forward to the weekend boot camps, which are always in the most amazing parts of the city, Lands End, Baker Beach, Bernal Heights. It is inspiring to work out.

I have tried other workout options, Greg provides the right mix for complete strength building and body toning while keeping the sessions lively, challenging and interesting.

Alpa S. Castro, San Francisco


i've been training with greg for 2 years now! before him i tried 2 other boot camps and can tell you you won't find a more personal and dedicated trainer than greg. what really sets him apart is that he can subtly divide the class into different levels of challenges yet keep us all together. it really is the best way to work out. to see the sun rising over the bay, doing athletic things you never thought you could, and feeling strong - what a way to start the day.

Luis P. Noe Valley, San Francisco


I've been working out with Greg in his boot camp classes for over 4 years now at varying times of the day. You will always find a class time to suit you. He gets you doing exercises you'd never do on your own or in a gym setting and he's managed to keep my beer belly in check all this time.

He's always prompt, usually waiting for you and never flakes even at 5.15am on a cold and rainy January morning.

Best thing is to make sure you invite Coach B to play in your fantasy football league, his team always sucks and you end up getting your boot camp money back from him...it's a win win

Jeremy L. Marina, San Francisco


I love Coach B's boot camp! Sadly, I can't do it anymore because of my new job schedule, but I went three times a week for a year and a half and had a great time. I was also probably in the best shape I've been in since high school. I've never been particularly sporty, but I do like getting regular exercise. I was getting a bit bored with my running routine, and I loathe gyms, so I figured I would try boot camp. I went to another one first, but it was a bit too much like a running group, and I found this boot camp to be far superior. There's a lot of diversity in the workout routine, you work all sorts of muscles, and you get to be outside in beautiful San Francisco first thing in the morning. Greg is an excellent motivator, but also really easygoing, so you get a ton accomplished without feeling stressed out. I was also wary that I would have to be overly social so early, but really I just met some cool people who are friendly but not overbearing. I miss boot camp...

Jeanne G. Duboce, San Francisco


I really hate the gym but need to get in shape. I tried bootcamp with SF Outdoor Fitness but couldn't handle the running. Mike graciously recommended Greg Bianchi. Greg understands individual fitness levels and tailors the workouts accordingly. I never feel like I am holding the class back and I am getting the best workout of my life.

Gretchen S. Noe Valley, San Francisco


I've just finished my first month of Greg's boot camp and have to say, despite the 6 a.m. start I absolutely love it.  All I can do is reiterate what the others have said before me. Greg doesn't yell at us but manages to keep the group motivated at every class I've been to.  I'm looking forward to doing it for a long time to come!

Mindy B. Mission, San Francisco


Well, it has been 2.5 years since my previous review, and while I've not been as consistent with my Boot Camp attendance as I should be, I have continued to benefit from Coach B's awesomeness. My overall health and fitness has improved dramatically - I can now run from the Mission to the top of Twin Peaks without stopping! I feel much more mentally sharp, I'm happier, life is just plain better when you are in shape.

2/2/2007  Previous review

My wife and I joined the Bianchi Fitness class in Dolores Park (generally M W F 7-8am, but sometimes we do the 6am class) back in May 2006, before we were married, to get in shape for the wedding. The first few weeks of classes were hard because we were totally out of shape. The post-exercise endorphin highs were amazing though! 

After just a few weeks, our fitness level improved to the point that class was more fun (less suffering!) and we both looked forward to the exercise. We both lost about 8 lbs, and looked great for our Aug wedding. Now, months later, we are still going to class, and we are staying very trim and fit!

The group of other folks in the class has varied somewhat, but has always been fun - sometimes we grab coffee after class, and we always have a good time in class trading funny stories. 

Greg is an excellent instructor - he'll give personal attention when necessary, and he is very contentious if you have an injury that needs modifications to the workout. I had hurt my lower back mountain biking, and my knee snowboarding, many years ago - Greg's class has been an excellent physical therapy, and I've been pain free for months now. 

Overall, I highly recommend Bianchi Fitness - its much better than the gym and I look forward to seeing you in a future class!

Cooper M. Castro, San Francisco


For the past 5 years Greg has kept me entertained, motivated, and in decent shape! He's been very flexible about finding meeting places that work for both of us - currently he's training me in the parking lot at work. This can be a bit embarrassing when he has me doing pigeon-toed sprints or his creative balance exercises, but I can't beat the convenience. He's been great about accomodating my knee injuries, but doesn't cave to my whining - and believe me, there are days when I whine, especially when hopping up the sand dunes at the beach on one foot. The hour goes by very fast, though, and many times I've been suprised when he's said the time's up. How many workouts can you say that about?

Jen S. South San Francisco


Two years ago I was a lazy fat ass and decided to do something about it. I lucked out and found Greg Bianchi's (aka Coach B's) fitness class, as he is the reason I am still doing bootcamp. None of my friends can believe I get up at 6 am three days a week, but it's the longest I've ever stuck with anything, and this is all because of Greg's patient and knowledgeable training style.

Don't let the name bootcamp fool you, there is no yelling and screaming, but it is hard work and uses SF topography in the workouts, for example sprinting up stairs and steep hills.  We do a lot of running, and the best part is Greg teaches you how to run properly. With a sports science degree, he is able to explain the musculoskeletal benefits of proper form and how the given exercises train your central nervous system for performance, things you don't learn by going to a gym.   I don't particularly like running as a sport but now I am good at it, and it feels great to run hard in the morning, I miss it when I don't.  Having a coach waiting for you makes you show up and work out when you feel like staying in bed and that makes all the difference. Every now and then I blow off a class and the guilt I feel when I wake up always makes me wish I went.  It is a powerful motivator. Plus the fresh air and early morning views are awesome in the high scenic neighborhoods--you are paying for them in your rent/mortgage so get out there and enjoy them!

Three days a week is not enough working out to get six pack abs, but I have to say I am fit if not ripped.  It is useful too.  One morning the 21 bus blew off my stop on the first day of a new job and I chased it (in jacket, tie and leather shoes) from Laguna street all the way to Civic Center AND CAUGHT IT!  There was a MUNI supervisor on the bus and his eyes bugged out when he saw me get on (then I gave him three shades of shit for telling the driver not to stop and the general terrible service of his company and he just stood there and took it.) Those are the days you feel like Superman, and you will have a lot of those moments when you get fit.

Anyway I cannot rank Greg highly enough as a caring professional trainer, his is probably the most reasonably priced bootcamp in the city, and our 7am Dolores class has evolved into a nice social group as well, I've made some good friends there.  If you want results this is the way to go.

Chris B. Hayes Valley, San Francisco

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