New year, a new you - Goals vs. Commitments - part III

January 15, 2019



Hey folks its Day 14. We’re about halfway through this no-drinking adventure.


What are you doing with all this free time away from the bar? 


I’m learning to make homemade pasta and my tortellini game is getting strong. I’ve been busy practicing my skills in the kitchen, preparing meals with my friends who are also not drinking. We are still getting together and having fun, just with fizzy water in our hands instead of beers or cocktails. (Of course that pasta would be really nice with a good glass of wine….)


So it’s worth asking: why is alcohol something to abstain from? After all, it is culturally and socially acceptable, it’s easily accessible, and most of us enjoy a few drinks.


One answer is that our beautiful bodies work extremely hard to digest alcohol. The enzymes that deal with alcohol are highly toxic and our bodies work extremely hard to produce them.Once impaired, a battle ensues between how much alcohol is consumed versus how quickly the enzymes can break it down and clean up the byproducts. Alcohol is absorbed mainly in the small intestine and brought to the liver where alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH) is secreted to process it. ADH converts acetaldehyde to acetate, which is more easily used in our cells—but ADH is toxic to the nervous system


Another factor is how “hard” we drink, which is related to our metabolic ability to process alcohol. It usually takes about an hour to break down one serving. The more we inbibe, the more time it takes to break down and then clean up. You don’t notice, but this cycle takes a lot of effort. And it goes without saying there’s a lot of unnecessary calories involved.


So when we point the finger at something like alcohol, the only finger pointing should be at ourselves in the mirror, because making changes comes down to self-mastery.


Refraining from drinking alcohol will affect almost any change you want to make: physical, mental, energetic, even spiritual. The less effort your body has to expend cleaning up messes that you made, the easier it is for you to go out and do other things.


This means approach everything with integrity. Show up for yourself! Stick to your desire to achieve. Own the COMMITMENT to you. Accomplishing small goals like having a seltzer instead of a beer enables one to achieve larger goals.


Have you squeezed into your fitness clothes yet? Gone to the gym or jumped into a workout?

With all the time freed up from mixing cocktails and bar hopping, why not break a sweat for a few minutes. How about committing to a brief 10 minute workout a day for the work week. Three 30 second efforts a day? You can do it.


Stay dry! (It's raining.) I’ll see you next week. 


Coach B.


Need a quickie workout? Here you go:


If you have not worked out in 6 months or longer:

3 sets of 20 seconds of jogging in place. Take as long as needed between efforts.


If you do some activity once every few weeks:

3 to 6 sets of 30 seconds of jogging. Take as long as needed between efforts.


If you usually do something every few days:

4 to 6 sets of 45 seconds of running (faster than a jog). Timed rest: 30 to 60 seconds between efforts.


Consistency is key—pencil in a workout time that works. Remind yourself why it's important. What is important to me is how good I feel once I complete a workout. I am worth the workout!


Plan accordingly, and make time for you.





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