New year, a new you - Goals vs. Commitments

January 4, 2019

Today I am about 13lbs. heavier than last month. It’s from all the late-night holiday partying, eating and drinking excessively, and getting little sleep. My face is rounder. My shirt is tight.

My new apartment has a whole wall of mirrors, so I can’t hide. I am now squeezed uncomfortably in my petite deck chair planning a few goals for this new year.


One of my favorite rituals is a dry January. I like it for the simple fact that I will gain more clarity and focus without drinking. . . and lose the 13 with little effort. I already have set into motion this goal for myself.


But I’ll tell you a secret.


Goals don’t really matter.


What’s did you just say, Coach. Are you drunk right now?


Nope. It’s that when most of us make goals, we tend to be so strict that we set ourselves up to fail. The thing that matters more than goals is mastery over yourself. This means approaching everything with integrity. Show up for yourself! Own your step. Make a COMMITMENT.


Looking back on this past year, the one thing that really stands out, above all the trips, adventures, and experiences, is that ALL OF IT mattered to me. And WOW, what an amazing year I had. My commitment to myself made it easy to do what I needed to do to execute my intentions.


Now, sticking to a commitment is difficult. It means getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. Saying no to drinks and treats is uncomfortable. It will be a lot less uncomfortable if you are focusing on an outcome you love (like looking great in loose-feeling clothes) all the while appreciating yourself.


In the moment, FOMO is a constant battle for me, too. This is where grit comes into play. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines grit as “firmness of character; indomitable spirit.” A commitment made with grit overpowers the FOMO.


Saying no to the beers and wine will center my internal focus on what I want to gain. Yet I won’t beat myself up with perfectionism. I keep my mind on the ultimate goal, which is appreciating myself.


Would you like to try this out and join me?


Here’s how I am dividing my January commitment into achievable pieces:

No alcohol for 6 days. On day 6, if you don’t feel the need to have a drink, then tack on another 6 days. Then with 12 days already in, shoot for another 6 days. Still good? move onto another 6 days. Now we are up to 24 days, What’s another 6 days? Now you have one month of no drinking. Success. . . a dry January.


If I get to any one of those weekends and really want a drink, then I will go for it. But only if I truly enjoy it. For me personally, I love a gin martini. More specifically: dirty, 209 gin, with two blue cheese olives. Ahh, sooo good.


This is the other aspect committing to yourself. It is okay to deviate as long as you make a choice, enjoy the moment, and own the experience. If you choose to have a drink, just wait for that 7th day. Then reward yourself for waiting. That way it’s not a failed month, it’s a successful week. Then get back to your commitment and abstain another 6 days, and another success will be waiting for you.


If you’d like to start your 2019 with this plan and have my support, just (hit reply) or email me at and I will put you on my list of people committed to enjoying improving themselves in January. You can do this.



Happy New Years!


Coach B


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New year, a new you - Goals vs. Commitments

January 4, 2019

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