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Part 3 of 3: Sales guys: manage your time 24/7.

May 25, 2018

Missed  Part 1 or Part 2?


Ask any entrepreneur, their #1 goal is earning money while they sleep.


But you can’t do that if you’re not getting any.


So I want you to start planning your bedtime ahead of time. That’s right—you schedule your phone calls and appointments all day, so why not schedule your sleep. It’s simple.




  • Decide how many hours of sleep you need. It will probably be a lot more than you are getting now. At least seven-and-a-half.

  • Set a bedtime and stick to it. Just like your body loves a workout routine, your mind loves a sleep routine.

  • Shut down all electronic devices 1-3 hours before you go to bed. If you must use them, install a blue-blocking app. Blue light rays interfere with your circadian rhythm and melatonin secretion.

  • Know that the biggest gains from your workouts come while you sleep. It’s when your body repairs itself and even burns fat. Sleep deficits are proven to increase your risk for depression, even diabetes and cardiovascular problems.

  • As a bonus, meditate before you go to bed. Nothing fancy, just quiet your mind for a few minutes. Don’t rehash your day, it’s over now.

  • Tuck yourself in with thoughts of positive anticipation for tomorrow. Like working out early in the morning with me!


Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed these posts and want to get more focus in your diet and workouts, then email me about my Ketopult 30-day challenge.


Coach B





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