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Part 2 of 3: Sales guys—what’s your motivation?

May 24, 2018


Successful sales executives are all highly driven—and by very different things.


What’s your version of living the dream?


Is it quality time with your wife and family….

College funds for the kiddos…

Making a killing and early retirement…

Flashy cars and fast women…

or simply FOMO?


What you want isn’t as important as WHY you want it.


Understand what is important to you to succeed. Then set realistic exercise expectations with an attainable plan. Are you clear on the execution?




You started today great with 10 minutes of exercise. (YOU DID, RIGHT?)  {Part 1}


After you eat a healthy lunch, take 15 minutes for yourself and ask these questions. Write down your answers.


  • What do I want most?

  • Why do I want it?

  • What does it mean to me. What happens when I get it? What will happen if I don’t get it?

  • What factors are keeping me from being my best self? (Sleeping in, hangovers, etc)

  • What could I be doing instead that would help me reach my goal faster?


See, now you’re using your head for something besides a hat rack. Pretty soon there will only be one chin on there, too.


Read PART THREE for next steps, or hit me up if you want to talk about your goals and making them happen.


Coach B




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