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Sales guys: are you too fat to close the deal?

May 23, 2018



You know the job is stressful…been shoving coffee and donuts in your face to make up for it?


Whatever your flavor of stress relief, only one thing works.


The truth is, exercise is what builds a more successful sales rep. Fit executives measure success in bigger bank accounts and smaller waistlines.


Working out—even for 10 minutes—increases your testosterone, which boosts confidence, enhancing the desire to be successful. Exercise increases endorphins which gives you a natural positive high, relieving stress and making it easier to manage that end-of-the-quarter push.


Fat-burning in a nutshell:


Fat that we eat is either used or stored as energy. You have a set amount of fat cells—all you can do is increase or decrease the size of them. Burning fat is easiest first thing in the morning. Before you shove that first cup of coffee into your face, move!



  • Kick off the day by waking up early.

  • Hit the head, do your business, and then work out.

  • 10 minutes is all you need to do. Set a timer, or work out for three of your favorite songs. It’ll be over before you know it, and you've gotten positive reinforcement that will last you all day.

  • Just 10 minutes of elevated heart rate enables your body to use fat as energy. This can be a walk, jog, push-ups, crunches, wall squats or any one of my 10-minute Ketopult workouts. (


Read PART TWO next, or feel free to contact me now if you want to really get fit and take control of your health.


Til next time, Tubby!


Coach B.


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