Are you worth your workout?

January 16, 2018


Yesterday morning, a little after 8 am, I am at the fitness courts along the Marina Greens in San Francisco. Clutching my knees, gasping for air. . . I thought to myself, why am I doing this? This doesn’t feel so good. This is my first workout of the year. I am tired, stiff, not rested, a bit hungover, and bloated from the holidays. I am not even breaking a sweat yet, though I am tight, stiff, tense, struggling to breathe after my workout of 5 exercises for 10 reps. I just started!  



Looking down at the blue rubber on the fitness courts, one clear thought bubbled up. . . Appreciate yourself. I asked myself, what does that mean? Am I showing up enough? Am I going through the motions?  Am I holding myself accountable? Am I ready to push through this workout hard enough to matter? WTF am I doing to myself?


I stop the self attack of questions and go back to my initial thought, appreciate myself.  Specifically meant I appreciate myself through showing up. Showing up for me means I am going to do what I need to do to feel better. Since I appreciate myself, then I will do what I need to do to overcome this initial reaction I am having to my first workout. I am the source of my own motivation. All the workouts and diet regimens available will not have the effects I am looking for until I have a clear appreciation for myself.


We all want to be in better shape, have great experiences, be loved, have options to do what it is you desire. To make a change, a slight shift in what you have done before, one must commit to oneself. Be honest with yourself through honoring yourself. Our motivation comes from within us. This enables you to be your best self through appreciating you in this moment. Your mindset is powerful. Choosing to appreciate yourself is the decision that forces one to make a choice. Commit to appreciate you. Now, go break a sweat!

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